ITR Seamless Plates

Polyflex highlights the benefits of ITR seamless plates, and the challenge to gravure printed packaging

ITR (In The Round) or seamless photopolymer plates have been used for some time by printers in order to meet the exacting needs of their clients or to achieve the high-speed capacity of their printing presses. Emanuel Narainsamy, Polyflex’s Plate Production Manager, reports an increase in demand for ITR plates and he ascribes this to

Connected or Smart Packaging

5 things you should know about Connected Packaging

1. Connected Packaging (often called Smart Packaging) links the physical world with the digital world: Smart packaging forms a perfect “digital bridge function” between manufacturers, retailers, consumers and social media channels. Today, packaging which is used to protect and label goods, will increasingly receive new functions in the future thanks to digital technologies. Packaging is